September 25, 2021

I do not want children, my relatives do not understand this choice ...

At 38, Céline leads her professional life, her married life and her successful life as a woman. However, a life is missing on the board: that of mother. Because this young lawyer has long made the choice not to have children. A choice that bothers ...

"A decade ago, when I announced to my entourage not wanting to become mum, the answer was unanimous: "You will see, you will end up changing your mind". Ten years later, my family is trying hard not to understand my choice. My friends spend their time telling me that being a mother is the most beautiful thing that can happen to me. My parents are constantly comparing me to my sister who, at thirty, already has two children. "

An almost insurmountable challenge for the couple

As a couple, the situation is often unmanageable. When the desire to become a parent is not reciprocal, the relationship is almost always doomed to failure ...
"Two men left me for that, they too thought that with time, I would let myself be persuaded, that I would end up wanting a child.Lassed, they ended up going elsewhere.Three years ago, I I met someone a little older, already dad great children.We were immediately on the same wavelength, the subject was quickly closed: no question of children.

No or little maternal instinct

Celine's relatives often tell her that as long as she does not have children, she will not be fully satisfied, that he will always miss something. However, this one retorts that one can not make generalities, that all the women are not necessarily made to be mother ...
"I've always been very independent, ambitious and passionate about things, I never felt the maternal instinct, just like I never dreamed of being pregnant or surrounded by a horde of heads I do not have anything against children but doing it has never been a goal in itself What matters to me is to be happy I find it selfish, even inconceivable, to put a child in the world without really wanting it, just because we give in to family or social pressures. "

A question of respect

Finally, the message that wants to make pass Celine, it is necessary to respect the choices of each one. families many, blended, single mothers, women without children: no matter the pattern, as long as happiness is at the rendezvous!
"Some of my friends are single mothers, I do not envy them, but I respect their choice, they raise their children alone with courage and that gave meaning to their life, in my case, my job, my man and my passions. "flourish on a daily basis, I do not need children to be able to say that I'm filled in. I'm not asking people to understand it, just to respect it."


I don't want children -- stop telling me I'll change my mind | Christen Reighter (September 2021)