June 23, 2024

I give a little name to his sex

Zizi, cui-cui: what nickname for Rocco?

You are among those who do not take sex lightly and the penis of your half remains a little vague, almost taboo. We can even say that the male anatomy does not put you at ease. Of course, when cuddling, Mr. Zizi is welcome in the game, but the rest of the time, you hope to forget it.

With your modesty, your child's soul or your frightened virgin side at your hours, you prefer to avoid pronouncing words too raw. Penis, penis, phallus? Rather die ! So you give yourself a lot of joy with childish little nicknames ... And in terms of ridicule, nothing stops you: great classics zizi, kiki and popol, to the most original zigounet, bistouquet, little bird or big wolf, passing by inventions of your own like cui-cui, pouic-pouic, ptibout, filoutube. We wonder where you get all this!

When sex falls in the water

Suffice to say that all this is not very masculine, even less manly and not always flattering. Monsieur must not fail to point this out to you. He is so proud of his "war machine", he would probably prefer to hear you referring to "King Kong" rather than "Ptit Zigouigoui"!

But you have probably realized yourself when, in the middle of a part of legs in the air, your vocabulary as a young girl in flower puts an end to antics until then intense and promising ... At the evocation of the little name, sir has lost all his vigor. As a sign of protest, perhaps?

Some men, more understanding and certainly more confident, are a little less reluctant. They are pretty well made for their nickname. They do not need to be reassured about their manhood, and after all, if calling it "zouzou" allows you to "tame the beast", why not?

For the libido, it's more fun ...

But giving a small name to the sex of his spouse is not reserved for prudish or modest. For you, very comfortable in terms of sex, it's probably more of a game than anything else. Love game or even power game, sometimes. When you talk to "Thor", you do not talk to Laurent but to his gear, and you make your thing, your sex toy. To give a name to one's sex is to establish a special bond with him, almost to detach him from the body of your lover. In this way, he is at your mercy ...

The little naughty nicknames, them, prove the affection that you carry to his "tool". "Ro minet" if he is hairy, "Kirikou" if he is not tall but very valiant, "Obelix" if he is the size of a menhir, or "the rocket" if he is rather fast, etc. Be careful, however, not to offend your half. Even if he knows that these little names are not bad, you may well regret it when you cut him off in his tracks ...

The worst of the worst

Go go gadget : The object man yes, the toolbox, no thanks!
Sauerkraut : Sausage Strasbourg, cabbage and potatoes, we have already seen more refined to go to the pan!
titanic : When the play on words falls into the water, the sinking is assured ...
chipolata : Long, thin and soft, the comparison is not flattering!
Superman or Superpanne : The pants over the tights, not really glamorous ...
joystick : Warning! Handle with care ...
Ah that cuckoo : A little tour and then goes, the cuckoo is already there!
lucky Luke : If he pulls faster than his shadow, no need to make a legend.
Bazooka : Make itlove, not the war!
Pinocchio : Do you have to pull the strings to stand up? Ouch...

Drake, Chris Brown - No Guidance (Lyrics) (June 2024)