May 23, 2022

"I had my first orgasm"

"I was on holiday in Cancun and I fell in love with the receptionist, who was smaller than me, but with a devastating charm, his name was Manuel Prince del Castillo, a promising name, no? I would often go out and talk to him about sightseeing and local tours, hoping to see him out of the hotel, and a few days later he offered to go out with his friends and him in. I accepted and I can still see myself ride with four strangers in a ladybird, en route to the only local nightclub little frequented by tourists.After some dances we went to the beach and we made love under the stars. arm that I knew my first orgasm, certainly because I was expecting anything but that!
Back home I kept episodic contacts, but the time has done its work and we lost sight of. It's certainly better this way, because thinking about it was really smaller than me! "
Audrey, 25 years old 

How I Had My First Orgasm (May 2022)