June 10, 2023

I hate the morning, our advice to get off to a good start

Make it cat
Behind this title, no high tech therapy, but a small simple gesture that will take you a few seconds before you get up. Stretch, relax your muscles, yawning, and take the time to wake up your muscles before jumping out of bed all of a sudden.

Positive attitude
Just awake, you tend to jump on your Blackberry to check emails, Facebook Twitter and check your agenda .... Nothing worse to boost your stressometer. Rather than getting the pressure right when you wake up, you focus on a positive notion. Ex: a lunch with colleagues, a cinema at night with his darling ...

Good timing
To win 5 minutes of sleep, you tend to ring your alarm clock at the last moment, 7:30 for your train of 8h ... which requires you to time each of your actions in the morning. So many risks of arriving late and raising the stress ... all for 5 minutes of sleep ! So just plan 15 minutes of rab ', which will give you time to prepare, at your own pace.

I moisturize
First thing to do when you wake up: take a big glass of water with a few drops of lemon juice to detoxify your body. And if you made a few excesses the day before, your liver will tell you thank you!

I'm running in the shower ...
Scottish. Alternate hot water and cool water, ideal to activate the circulation and erase this annoying impression of not having the eyes in front of the holes.

I cocoon myself
Even during the week, take care of taking care of yourself, no question of zapping the box cream and makeup. For body care, especially in winter because the skin is drier, we take the time to do without a moisturizing balm. And for the face, we agree 5 min to fine-tune a good-looking makeup that will hide all the little miseries (puffy eyes ...)

A good breakfast
For a full of energy breakfast, we put on cereals, a dairy product and a fresh fruit: the cocktail for a hyper-vitamin day. And drink side: prefer tea (green without theine) coffee.

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