June 10, 2023

I'm going out with a seducer

At the beginning the side, " I like to seduce "Your man made you laugh, it is also by taking out his big issue of Aldo Maccione he made you crack ... except that in the long run this aspect of his personality makes you less less smile.
That he pays attention to him, that he spends more time than you in the bathroom, passes again. With the months you have made the idea that he used your hair masks and facial scrub. But what annoys you more than anything is that everywhere you go, both in a gas station and at a party, he can not help but make a little laugh about the girls he meets. If you are jealous nature, a tip: run away !!!! You will live a hell.

There are two kinds of seducer: the one who seduces and stops there, and the one who flirts.
If your man belongs to the second category, do not expect anything from him, he will never change ... unless you like to see him seduce other women than you. Yes, some couples have this kind of games to spice up their couple life. They all seduce each other during the same evening but leave together. Attention, this game is rather dangerous, and know that by playing with fire, we always end up getting burned. Nothing says, that one day, one of you will not leave with his flirting of the evening rather than with his spouse.

For others, those who suffer from the "seductive" side of their man, several possibilities are available to you:
- Talk to him and tell him that you find it humiliating that he is looking at other women in your presence. Be careful not to reproach him, but calmly explain your suffering.

- Seduce too. After all, your man does not have the monopoly of seduction and you too can look at other men. In general, this tactic works pretty well. Seducers do not like being seduced more than they are. Seeing you look at another man than him, your darling may want to mark his territory and he will focus more on you than on the eyes of the neighbor. Because yes, even if he likes to seduce, your darling loves you, it's just stronger than him ...

Testimony of Chloe, age 28

Your man is seductive?
Oh, the word is weak before, I had the impression that he was dragging everything that moved ...
And you manage to live with?
At first, as soon as he went out alone, I did not close the eye of the night, I imagined flirting with another.
We played cards on the table, I explained to him that it did not suit me and that I could not stay with him in these conditions.
What was his reaction?
He had an electric shock. Today, he continues to take care of him because he likes that. As soon as we go out if he has the misfortune to smile a little too much to other women, I do the same with men and he stops illico (laughs).

I’M IN LOVE - Super Seducer 2 - Part 6 (June 2023)