August 12, 2020

I'm green and not him, how?

At home, at work, on vacation, nothing stops you, not even the mockery and rants of your darling. The protection of the environment is your battle, but beyond that, it's your daily life. You are aware of the urgency and try to actively fight against the abuses of the consumer society and the progressive destruction of the planet due to mentalities that do not evolve. As a result, all you have to do is make offensive remarks from your friend, the misunderstanding of your entourage and your reputation as a "green pout". Your priorities: the land, the oceans, the air we breathe, in other words biodiversity, energy saving, sustainable development, etc.
The problem is that your other half does not share your beliefs. He has trouble understanding your little fads, your moralizing speeches, your obsession to protect the planet at all costs. For him, sorting his waste, saving water, energy, fuel are just fads that undermine his comfort and freedom. Unlike you, he is not aware that the ecosystem is in danger and it is high time to mobilize to defend it. So, the arguments follow each other and are similar and your couple life no longer what she was. Your commitment amused him at first, made him proud. Today, it is for him a constraint and a source of daily conflicts.
You would like this to change and act for the planet without putting your couple in danger. How to make your man accept the activist who is in you, and how to rally him to your cause, without necessarily making him the perfect green? Some have tried, with varying degrees of success. They testify.
Aline, 44 years old
I have never been a fierce green, but I like to say that I make a gesture for the planet from time to time. I live with Laurent for ten years and at the beginning he was totally resistant to my principles. And then over time, he became more interested in nature, in the environment, he asked me questions and asked me for advice. For several years we have been eating organic, pay attention to our consumption of water and energy, avoid polluting to the maximum, sort our waste, etc. I am happy that Laurent has changed his mind, that he has opened his eyes to the situation. We never argue over the subject again, ecology (small scale) is now an integral part of our lives!
Claire, 25 years old
At home is the war for household products! I'm 100% green and sir does not trust the products organic ! If there is no bleach and other harmful junk indicated on the boxes, he has the impression that it is not effective. But instead of lecturing him, I decided to be persevering and convince him little by little of the benefits of the products and the gain for the planet: grandmother's recipes amazed him and he started to get started. Also, happy with his lemon-baking soda to remove limescale in the bathroom.
Another object of conflict: the washing machine. We each have our products: me the pellets "the green tree", him a known brand "seen on TV" filled with phosphates! In spite of all my efforts, for the moment he does not budge. Suddenly, everyone does his laundry but I do not despair, it will eventually capitulate ... The whole thing is not to rush!
Johanna, 23 years old
I, green to the tips of my nails, I finally put water in my wine by agreeing to go out with Karl, totally indifferent to the problems that meet the planet. But today, we are having a real little war. As he can not stand on my back, he likes to throw the bad garbage in the wrong garbage when he knows very well how to sort, to let the tap just to annoy me, to throw some papers on the floor just to see how long I will resist before going to pick them up. I know he does this for our couple and for my good, to make me relativise and that my ambitions for the planet stop turning to the obsession. But healing evil with evil is not always the solution and I continue to believe that I will eventually convince Karl to follow me in this beautiful fight ...
Marion, 36 years old
My husband goes there little by little, to avoid arguments.Food question, he converted to avoid a mimicry of disgust on my part in front of his plate but also and especially because of my weighty arguments: pesticides, antibiotics and other harmful things should not be present in food. Even if it is laborious, it starts to favor as much as possible the products organic, even for shower gels and deodorants. I'm glad he's making this effort and he's not fighting against my commitment to the planet! I consider it a beautiful proof of love on his part.

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