December 10, 2023

I'm restocking my man in Harry Roselmack

At the top of the popularity polls, Harry has become the new television icon. Impeccably chic in his suit in front of the cameras of the 20 hours, it remains nonetheless crisper in a more casual style on the set of 7 to 8: raw jeans, sweater or polo short sleeve, we love it.
His preferences go dark colors, tone on tone. Without doing too much, he knows how to combine the original with elegance, at a time when his colleagues languish in looks more and more sad.

The advice of the editors
- We wear the jacket close to the body, without being too arched. Harry sometimes enjoys playing with textures and does not hesitate to release a jacket satin fabric.
- Like Harry, we systematically match the tie to the color of the jacket. A detail neglected by many of his colleagues.
- One wears, like him, shirts with impeccable straight necks. The shirts are united. Classy but classic, Harry usually chooses white or very light shirts.
- When presenting 7 to 8, he indulges in a shirt and sweater V-neck. A basic that, if it is well matched, can make its effect. And like any self-respecting journalist, he never forgets to wear a tie fine to bind everything!
- Tie United Marine. Private Workshop WE 40? on
- Sky blue shirt at Diesel, 100?
- Sweater V-neck. At WE. From 24.95 euros.

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