October 25, 2021

I put myself to sport, but at home!

Sport online
Do you have ADSL? All right, then you will be able to train online. Perfect for allergy sufferers gym, the websites of sport online offer a multitude of activities. In general, everything starts with a questionnaire to be completed online in order to set the objectives and the level requested. You can then subscribe just as in a room sport (Internet rates are much lower) Then you can connect as soon as you want to train: abs-waist-glutes, yoga, body sculpt, step, aerobics ... You have the choice of sport but also the level! It's the best way to start at your own pace and observe the good movements dictated by the coaches.

The Wii for the draws!
If the sport do not really attract you, the wii fit is the accessory you need! With the video game aspect, you will not feel like toning while your body is working. The menus are very well done with the weighing, the caloric objectives to reach and the muscular zones that work, explained.
Do not expect a miracle either: sports programs on the wii can lose some extra pounds and strengthen your muscles, neither more nor less. But it's already a very good start and it can gradually give you the taste of sport. An aspect not to be neglected ...

Fitness trail
At home, you can also tone and muscle. Take your carpet gym and perform a timed "run" regularly. Abdominal, glutes, waist and arms, it's not rocket science! Start with a quarter of an hour once a week, then go twice a week, and then get to 30 minutes of exercise. Simple and efficient.


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