June 10, 2023

I revook my couple: bling-bling like Beyoncé and Jay Z

The young couple rule the Rn'B empire as absolute masters. She diva soul and mermaid charts, him, as one of the most powerful rappers and producer of hip hop. So, why try to hide his success. False modesty, very little for them. It's Rolex in solid gold and zebu shoes for gentleman, diamonds adornment and dress rhinestone sewn hands for madam!

The place to spend Valentine's Day: In a mansion with a marble staircase and chrome toilets.
To try if: You want to wake up the bad boy side that slumbers at your spouse, that you intend to put on your gold lame tight dress and that you ride in convertible, even the winter.

The good shopping: A white three-piece suit, no more and no less for your apprentice B-boy! And while playing the thugs made in LA, cover his eyes wide black glasses, sneakers in limited series, not to mention a large signet ring with the little finger ("the shining gold chain" is in Marseille! ). As for you, any outfit will do the trick, as long as it's tight, golden (and becoming!). Tie your hair in a ponytail at the top of your head and narrow your look with large creoles, to magnify your queen's wear. A shopper at Smalto, De Fursac, at Colette for him, Cavalli, Morgan, Max Azria for you.

The shopping of the editorial office

I look like Beyonce
h & m necklace 19,95 euros
synthetic fur H & M 99 euros
Vince skirt 282.26 euros on net-a-porter.com

I look like Jay-Z
watch casio 49 euros
Pierre Hardy sneakers 350 euros
H & M smoking jacket 59,95 euros


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