October 22, 2021

I revook my couple: bobo chic like Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp

Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp: the boho couple

At each of their appearances, the two lovebirds give their outfit to be in tune. When Vanessa Paradis Wearing a 30s dress and a headband in his hair, his dear and tender does not hesitate to wear a tennis stripe crossed suit straight out of a gangster movie. When the beautiful frieze in a capeline and seventies suede boots, his playboy companion leaves his felt, his croquenots stained with paint and his gray-gray Indian. So for the Valentine's Day, we copy their look!

The good shopping: One word of order: vintage inspiration! And as the new year arrives only once a year, we do not hesitate to play. Vanessa dresses the "Roaring Twenties" dress, paired with old necklaces and a precious head-band like those of the hype brand Maison Michel, or it is made with pearls and feathers for the most frayed ones. For him, we are looking for a vintage costume: double-breasted, houndstooth, pastel-colored ... that we break with offbeat accessories: scarves, rings, antique watches and other trinkets, hat with wide brim ... the idea is not to turn your mate into Jerry Lewis! For shopping, management thrift stores, sales depots, not to mention Topshop for accessories!

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