January 16, 2022

I revook my couple: rock like Kate Moss and Jamie Hince

Twig Kate Moss finally seems to have found serenity since his romance with the singer of the Kills, Jamie Hince. Still a rocker, certainly, but more serene (and less drunk) than his ex-boyfriend, the indefatigable Pete Doherty. Since their meeting, the lovers no longer leave each other and are so well tuned that sometimes it's Jamie who comes to pique the style of Kate!

The glam 'rock look, to try if: You have rock in your blood, that you like clothes, but hate ceremonial dresses and cocktail dresses. Your boyfriend is not against makeup eyes black kohl, but you will never see him in a tuxedo, this outfit that turns men into a penguin!

The good shopping: The idea is to make your boyfriend rebel, a decadent dandy. The idea is to hijack the codes: Eliminated jeans, all right, but with a slim fit, a thin tie and a coat of arms. A pair of suit trousers, but broken with leather boots, the cigarette in the beak, but in a cigarette holder ... As for you, under your undeniable fur, cultivate your resemblance to the twig by adopting a sequined mini dress and waders. The best rock spots: the Kooples, Fred Perry, Ben Sherman for him, American Retro, Kate Moss for Topshop, and thrift stores for you.

Shopping for the Kate Moss that lies dormant in you

- Claudie Pierlot leather skirt 230?
- Topshop 59 lace top?
- Mellow Yellow 129 waders?

Shopping for Jamie Hince roaring in him

- Kings of Leons leather jacket for Surface to Air price upon request
- Fred Perry 195 scarf?
- Surface to Air 280 boots?


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