December 10, 2023

I spend Christmas without my children: how to support it?

The decision is made: your children, whatever the reason, will not be with you to celebrate Christmas. While the stores have donned their holiday and light clothes, parents run the shops for the perfect gift, everyone decorates his tree, you feel excluded and sad. It's up to you to take stock of the situation and not let yourself be overwhelmed by the wave of the soul.

Choose another day to celebrate Christmasas close as possible to the real date. Because, after all, Christmas was decreed on December 25 to decorate the long winter evenings. But neither Jesus nor the father Christmas nor have you been consulted for the choice of the date!

Put yourself in a state of mind which suits you. Family or girlfriends will certainly sympathize. If it does not do you any good to join them, do not do it! Go on a trip. If on the other hand you want to company, do not deprive yourself to let know that you are available. All is not to brood and take the organization of your evening in hand. Why not a TV set with Pretty Woman in the DVD player if you like calm and that moment for you? Yes, you'll cry a little but just as Richard Gere climbs up the ladder to pick his beloved!

Christmas is a magic for children. Whatever your trouble not to have them with you, do not spoil their party. Stay very positive even if they tell you that you miss them. Do not overwhelm the father who has "won? his children that night. On the contrary, show yourself happy to ask them questions about the exceptional evening they spend ...
Our advice
If your morale is decidedly low, focus on the spiritual message of Christmaswhether you are a Christian or not. Because it's the party of sharing and there's always a way to share something with someone when you take the time to think about it.

MINIMAL SPEND CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE / with The Minimal Mom (December 2023)