December 3, 2020

I take a pill of 3rd or 4th generation: what are the alternatives?

There is no universal answer to the question of what a woman should do if she takes a 3rd or 4th generation pill. According to Dr. Yehuda Benchimol, this is still a case-by-case study.

If you use a 3rd or 4th generation pill, do not panic and do not stop suddenly. contraception. Make an appointment with your gynecologist to take stock of your contraception and see if you need to change it, or if you can pursue it. You can also consult your doctor (without urgency), which according to your age and your antecedents, will determine if it is necessary to practice a balance sheet or not.

"A patient who is already under contraception 3rd or 4th generation for several years and not having risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, family risk of phlebitis etc., can continue if it wishes, "said Dr. Yehuda Benchimol.

Alternatives to the pill: other means of contraception
The pill is the way to contraception the most used. But in the face of the recommendations of recent months, you would like to turn to another means of contraception ? It should be noted that some of them are also 3rd generation contraceptives and can potentially have the same risks and contraindications as a pill of the same group.

They are part of the group of 3rd generation contraceptives:

? The estrogen / progestin vaginal ring NUVARING
The vaginal ring is a third-generation estrogen / progestogen combination similar to the 15-microgram pills of the same group, and it acts in the same way by blocking ovulation and modifying cervical mucus. At each cycle of 3 weeks a new ring should be inserted into the vagina, with a one week break between each.

? The EVRA hormonal patch
The EVRA Hormonal Patch is a third-generation estrogen / progestin combination, similar to the 20 microgram pills of the same group, and acts in the same way as the vaginal ring. One patch per week (for 3 weeks) is to be glued on one of the following parts: arm, buttocks, abdomen or torso with a stop of one week between each.

They are not part of the 3rd generation contraceptive group:
? The contraceptive implant NEXPLANON

NEXPLANON is a contraceptive whose action lasts 3 years. This is a small, stick-shaped implant that is placed under the skin. It contains a hormone close to progesterone that gradually releases into the blood and blocks ovulation.

? The micro implants tubaires ESSURE
Attention, this is a definitive and irreversible method. So you have to be sure you do not want children anymore. Micro-implants are inserted into the fallopian tubes through the body's natural pathways: vagina, cervix and uterus. Once in place, and after 3 months, the micro-implants prevent the spermatozoa from reaching the egg, making it impossible to fertilize. This method does not contain hormones.

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