February 28, 2020

I take my coffee break in the ephemeral house of Nescafe

From March 10, direction Muller street in the 18th arrondissement of Paris for ... a break coffee. But beware huh, not in a bar or any restaurant no, it will be a break coffee like at home. And for good reason, I intend to go discover the thousand and one flavors of cafes Nescafe in the ephemeral house installed by the brand at the aforementioned address.

To celebrate the launch of his new coffee Arabica Intense, Nescafe settled in rue Muller in Paris in a real house where everyone can enjoy the coffee he prefers, all in a pure pleasure. Concerts, parties, screenings and artistic performances will punctuate life in the ephemeral house of Nescafé where a mini-series will also be shot. The pitch: Gauthier, famous and eccentric writer is out of inspiration and is counting on the arrival of three of his friends to fill the imagination. In total therefore, four characters for four different universes that will be available in the house Nescafé.

The ephemeral house of Nescafe will be open from March 10 to 20, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 to 23h.

Find all the information on: www.facebook.com/ruemuller



Kahveyle Resim/ Coffee Art (February 2020)