May 28, 2024

I tested: 5 sport accessories

Before sport at home, it was us, on our poor gym mats to chain abs, pumps or squats. Sometimes we peppered the session a little with dumbbells, elastic bands or weights to hang on the wrists or ankles. We even had to put away the jump rope, because of the neighbor below, not very happy with our attempts to stay in shape. Anyway, all that was not really follichon.

And then the Swissball and all its derivatives have arrived. These gym balls have reboosted our training. But today, we went around and we start to get bored again. And boredom is the worst enemy of the sport, especially that of Sunday, because it ends up dropping. So we put some fun in his training with the fitness toys. Because the last novelties in the range of sports accessories are real toys but for the gym.

One can thus play the equilibrists with a swinging platform or a design cup, the sporty spies with a high tech watch or the stars with retro dumbbells. Sure, this time we will not be bored. Muscle building can also be a game.

Abdo Gain of Domyos
Muscle sitting in front of her TV? A rather tempting idea. The Abdo Gain allows you to work your abs while following the last Desperate Housewives. But do not underestimate the beast, there will still be some sport.
What is it ? No, it's not a giant storage compartment but an accessory for sport, rather design it is true. This four-petal cup is actually used to work his abs.

How it works ? We sit down, our backs straight, we tilt slightly backwards and as soon as we feel that the abs pull, we hold the position for 10 seconds. It sounds simple, but in reality it's anything but easy. The Abdo Gain being curved, he obstinately refuses to hold up. I start with the most basic position, hands under the cup and feet on the floor. But even like that, it will take me some time to tame the beast. I turn right then left or back. Finally, by dint of contracting the leg muscles and abs, I end up holding the 10 seconds regulation. Victory. So I go to the second stage, same position but this time with legs up. Without the feet on the ground to support, the exercise is very complicated and very demanding for the muscles. The abs are tight, the arms cling to the cup and the legs struggle with all their strength to stay in the air. After 20 minutes of unsuccessful attempts, my record is still seven seconds and I'm knocked out. The muscles in my legs are screaming stop. So I pause before attacking the other positions, even more acrobatic. But I do not give up, I'll get you!
Ca muscle what: The first abs but also the legs that are also very busy to achieve balance.
The +: The simplicity of use.
The -: Finding the right position still takes time.

Practical Info: Abdo Gain, Domyos, 29.95? Available in black, red and brown. Exclusively at Décathlon and on

In the cupboard the classic dumbbells. We train like a VIP with these retro dumbbells very popular with the stars.
What is it ? A retro dumbbell straight from the former USSR and still used by the Russian special forces. Since the early 2000s, it is also very popular in the United States, especially among people. Katherine Heigl or Jennifer Lopez have already adopted it.
How it works ? The main exercise is swing, during which one sways one's kettlebell in front of oneself. There are then many variations, swing loose, alternating, swing and step, depending on its level and strength, to practice with one or two kettlebells. I start with the basic movement, with a single dumbbell, the two-handed swing: I throw and control. I then try to one hand: I project the weight and I block. It sounds simple, but you really have to mobilize all your muscles so that the kettlebell does not escape us by gaining speed and ending up on the TV. And its weight is not negligible either. It is a work at the same time muscular and cardio.
What muscle: The arms mainly. But also the abs, shoulders or back that are heavily stressed in the main movements to keep control of the kettlebell.
The +: Their particular shape, a ball with a handle, allows to do a number of exercises impossible to achieve with conventional dumbbells. We can vary the pleasures.
The -: The minimum weight of a kelltlebell is 4 kg, much more than the average dumbbell classics. When one is an occasional sportsman, it's still tough.

Practical Info: Dumbbell Kettlebells, Energetics, from 10? (the yellow of 4kg). Also available in 8 kg (20?), 12 kg (30?) And up to 32 kg (80?). Sold individually. At Intersport. Example exercises on

The Suunto watch
This heart rate watch is the perfect ally for a successful workout. She advises us, motivates us and helps us boost the effectiveness of our sessions. sport.
What is it ? A watch but also a heart rate monitor that indicates heart rate, calorie consumption, BMI ...
How it works ? I start by setting the watch: date and time of course, but also age and weight (for once, I decide not to lie) and my level of fitness. This will allow the watch to give really personalized advice and calculate our BMI. I then put on the heart rate monitor belt. She is the one who will monitor us and send all the information to the watch. I then begin my usual gym class. While I'm training, the watch gives my heart rate and live calorie consumption. It also indicates which training area one is in to better manage the exercise. We can thus stay in the zone where the sport is the most effective, that one does not sweat for nothing. At the end of the training, I am even entitled to messages of encouragement in addition to the summary of my prowess. Because this watch is also a sports coach by offering, each morning, a training plan and advice, all personalized of course since it records all our information as and when.
The +: Its mix of plastic and flashy color has nothing to envy to the stars watches of the last seasons. We wear it even when we do not train.
The -: Some information is recorded by the watch only when wearing the belt, which must be on the skin and near the heart to work. And as we only wear it during sport, the profits of the exercise that one does daily without even knowing it are not counted. Too bad, especially when you walk a lot like me.
Practical Info: Suunto M2 Fuchsia, 99,95?. Also available in black. Supplied with the analog coded textile comfort belt.

Passat Fitness Pump 2
Pumps, does that pump you? With this gym device, this dreaded exercise is tamed. We train more easily and with better results.
What is it ? A mini training bench that makes pumps easier and more efficient.
How it works ? We sit on the bench, chest on the seat, hands on the handles, legs outstretched. It is thought to well assemble the buttocks and bring the toes back to the device. Then push on the handles with the arms and on the legs to raise the seat. We let ourselves go down and we start again. The device allows you to do several types of exercises according to the handles on which one builds to work the different muscles of the arms. It can also be used with or without the tensioner, the more resistance, the more difficult the exercise. I start with the three turnbuckles put. Very bad idea. This multiplies the weight of my body and I am unable to move the seat. So I take everything from the beginning by removing the tensioner, so I just have my weight to lift. It's better but it's hard. We must mobilize all the strength of the arms to get to start the beast. I am exhausted after 4 repetitions and I loose well before the series of 40 recommended by the user manual. But at least I beat my record of pumps without a machine. And then, with each new attempt, I want a little more.
What muscle: The muscles of the arms first but also the pectorals and the back. If we do the exercises well by contracting abs, glutes and legs, we also work the rest of the body.
The +: We were a little afraid that this training bench takes up all the space. But finally its rather mini format compared to its big brothers can store it in a corner. Attention, it still requires a little space.
The -: The camera arrives as a kit, so you have to mount it yourself which can be a real headache for girls not bricolo in the soul, like me in fact. Of sport before sport.

Practical information : fitness Pump 2, Passat, 99?


The Energetics Balance Board

We work his posture and his balance while having fun with this platform inspired by the cabinets of physio.
What is it ? Under the round tray hides a semi-sphere rubber anti-slip.
How it works ? We get on the set and we hold. But as it is perched on a half-sphere, keeping in balance is not so easy. At first, I cling desperately to a chair because I wobble in all directions. Then I end up getting started. I tighten the buttocks and abs, I contract a maximum leg muscles and I straighten my bust because I understand that if we are right, we do not tilt forward or back. I hold the position long enough and I am rather proud of myself. And when I feel like I'm going to fall, I'm using my legs to catch up. And it works. Rather sure of myself, I even end up doing squats always in balance. It's more complicated but it's also more fun. We train with sneakers or even barefoot, it's even easier because we can cling with. On the other hand, we avoid to put on socks, it slips.
What muscle: All the lower body: legs and feet are used to stay in balance. But the abs and the back also work. You also learn to straighten your posture and stand up straight.
The +: This accessory that reminds us a little Jump Jumpers balls of our childhood is rather fun to use. We have fun and we end up forgetting that we are doing sport.
The -: The most athletic may find it too easy.

Practical Info: Balance Board, Energetics, 15? At Intersport.

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