July 12, 2024

I tested a cooking class at the Atelier des Sens

Want to master the kitchen like a Chef? Why not take a class at the Atelier des Sens? Formula one hour on the go during the lunch break or two to four hours to take the time, you will inevitably find your happiness.

I chose to discover the pastry version "without but greedy", that is to say without dairy products and without gluten to learn how to cook less known products.

The chef Dounia Silem welcomes us full of energy at the bottom of a small paved courtyard near the Bastille in Paris (11th arrondissement). After the obligatory passage by hand washing, we put on our apron offered by the workshop and we scatter around the work plan. A quick look at the group: it is very diverse! Tonight I cook with a pregnant woman, a retiree, an engineer ... all come either out of curiosity or to get tips to better live with their intolerances to gluten and / or milk proteins.

With passion, the chef Dounia Silem explains the tips for making tasty pastries without wheat, without cream, without butter. The challenge is exciting!

On the menu of this round of desserts: a gratin of apples and quinoa with honey hazelnut confit, a gourmet cake with buckwheat, hazelnuts and blueberry jam and a "not so Breton" far with dried hazelnuts and apricots.

We salivate in advance, but that's not all, we must put it. The kitchen is active: we cut, we beat, we weigh, we mix. The tasks are shared among the members of the group.

Chef Dounia Silem explains at each stage the choice of ingredients: use low-fruity olive oil to replace melted butter, margarine to mimic hard butter and rice flour against wheat flour . Some tips and information later, our cake wonders are cooked and it's time for tasting in a friendly atmosphere.

The plus of the Atelier des Sens: it offers courses and various initiations and varied: gourmet walks, initiation in an organic store until the course of cosmetics to prepare oneself. The top what.
Sens workshop: cooking and lifestyle classes
2 addresses in Paris: 40 rue Sedaine (Paris 11)th) and 10 rue du Bourg l'Abbé (Paris 3th)
Tel: 01 40 21 08 50

Challenge culinaire avec L'atelier des Chefs (July 2024)