April 10, 2021

I tested a pole dance class

To reconnect with my femininity, put a little glamor in my daily life and carve a dream body, I decided to cross the door of a pole dance school.

A sport in its own right
Before coming, I was warned. Here, no tracksuits, nor sneakers, but a shorts and a tank top. I can even come with a pair of shoes if it amuses me. From the beginning, I am seduced because I can finally wear a mini-shorts or stilettos without fearing the eyes. Here, we are between girls and we assume.

A course like any other
The course begins with a series of warm ups. But very quickly, things get tough. Climb to the top of the bar? I have not done this since the primary and the rope knots. Just hoisting me a few inches is a real challenge for me. I can hardly reach it by whining.

The professor, perched on platforms, then teaches us some basic figures. That seems to be within my reach. Well, that's what I think. Even the most basic figure requires strength and sheathing. When the teacher makes the movement, it is graceful and harmonious. When my turn comes, it looks like a toad. We are far from glamor!
Very quickly, I am exhausted. The bar rubs against the skin, showing multiple redness. Finally, I finish the course with some stretching.

My verdict
After the body fight, pole dance is the sport the most physical I have done. We work everything: abs, buttocks, thighs, hips, arms, back ... The figures are difficult, even those that seem ultra-simple.

Pole dance also boosts self-esteem. Result, returning to my darling, I'm swollen block! I have a morale of steel, I managed to make a figure (after several tests but that does not matter), I am the strongest!

In addition, I had fun. Pole dance is a sport fun where we have fun between girls. In addition, we do not hesitate to advise to successfully reproduce the movements. A nice team spirit even if it is a sport individual.

The next day, I have aches as ever and blues everywhere. This is normal for a first session. I discover unsuspected muscles and I understand why pole dance is a real sport.

Pole dance works intensively cladding and bodybuilding. She thus very quickly shapes a dream body. Flat belly, plump buttocks, tapered legs ... That's exactly what I need for the summer. I'm going to take my subscription card!

Devin Teaches Us Pole Dancing • Ladylike (April 2021)