March 26, 2023

I tested: buttocks canon thanks to shorts electrostimulation?

As the Christmas season approaches, the gargantuan meal and the small bead on the hips, we would all like to have a magic wand (and effortless!) Muscle thighs and buttocks, two areas particularly difficult to muscle. If the most courageous opt for intensive courses of abs-buttocks (to supplement with a balanced diet, rich in protein, but low in fat and sugar), the lazeusses that we all are a little aspire to a quick fix for a popotin from hell, without cellulite and rebounded.

Beside slimming or anti creams cellulite, devices of gluteal abs, Slendertone has launched shorts that takes the principle of electrostimulation. At the rate of 3 weeks of 20 minutes a week, Slendertone promises firmer buttocks, more tonic and pain free. Listening only to my professionalism and the appeal of the swimsuit, I tried the experiment.

Step 1: Product discovery
First step, the instructions of the shorts beautiful buttocks. After loading the CPU in an electrical outlet, I put the 4 electrodes on the shorts. Black and pink, the object is girly ... But let's not kid, the shorts a little big for my small size gives me the impression of a diving suit. Anti-glamor effect guaranteed! Whew, Darling had the good idea to come back from the office late and escape this cult scene.
Step 2: first session
Serious things begin! I engage the beginner program, 15 minutes at low intensity. With my remote control, I adjust the power of the stimulation. First surprise, a tingling sensation and warm up a few minutes later. Nothing unpleasant ... but a little surprising and uncomfortable. If you've already put your phone in vibrator mode in the back pocket of your jeans, you know what I'm talking about. (Memo for the bad languages: vibrate is not play and electrostimulation shorts will not increase your pleasure for the sport)

How's it going ? Alternatively, the two pairs of electrodes act on the different muscles of the buttocks: the top of the buttock (very difficult to build) and the bottom of the buttocks, otherwise called "saddlebags" are solicited. After 15 minutes, I remove the shorts. The skin is a little heated and sticky electrodes on the skin quite unpleasant.

Balance sheet at D + 7 : I followed the protocol one session every other day. I feel a small contracture on the top of the buttocks, a sign that this area usually used little has worked!
In terms of skin quality, the effect is positive. In my "special celebration" cellullite plan, I take care to make a body scrub a week and moisturize the skin.
My advice : In addition to beautiful buttocks shorts, buttocks and a cardio (elliptic or step gym) is highly recommended for visible results and lasting!
Next step... place to abs for buttocks and a flat stomach!