February 28, 2020

I tested Fly Yoga, the special sport good mood

What's this ? An aerial yoga practiced using a canvas hanging from the ceiling. It combines positions from traditional yoga, Pilates, circus arts, dance or dance. gym performed in the air or on the ground. This fun practice that defies the laws of gravity allows the relaxation while working his muscles. All this in a good mood.

How's it going ? No preliminaries, we jump right into the hammock. It rocks a lot at the beginning, I feel like I'm on a boat mistreated by the waves. Then the canvas eventually stabilizes and the shaking becomes soothing swings. It's perfect since the class starts with exercises of relaxation and meditation, followed by positions inspired by the sun salutation. But no nap in the program! We continue with more dynamic positions of traditional yoga and movements from dance and gymnastics.

After this long warm-up necessary to prepare the muscles, we finally attack the fun part: the acrobatics and inverted postures. The canvas no longer serves as a hammock but a strap that holds us during flight, rolls in the air or when we tilt upside down in an air pear tree. Finally, in principle. Because if this regressive program is a real call to fun, in this first session, I have trouble letting myself go and fly. My head thinks a little too much and nails my feet to the ground. It's impossible to let go of the hands to make a glide or complete my roll in the air. The down to earth adult that I am leading the dance but I intend, over the course and practice, to release the child player inside me. I want to fly too!

Like a classical yoga class, the session ends with a few minutes of relaxation and meditation. Wrapped in the canvas and cradled by the swaying hammock, I could fall asleep.


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