December 10, 2023

I tested: I move my body with Kinect

Thirty-year-old friends who grew up with Tetris, Mario the plumber, and Zelda, you'll get into another dimension of the video game with Kinect on XBox. After the Wii and the Playstation controller, place Kinect. The big novelty? No need for a controller ... "No need for a controller, it's your whole body that controls the gaming experience and the motion sensors follow each of your movements," announces the press kit.
Concretely, how does this happen ? Professional until the end of the stiletto (basketball oups I mean), I tested Kinect for you.
Step 1 the discovery
Not really used to game consoles since my 10 years, I was seduced by the really innovative concept of Kinect. No need for a controller, let alone a wire in which to get tangled, Kinect is equipped with remote visual recognition sensors. And if like me, you are not really connected by the games of bastonde, I found the game that you need: Your Shape, the game developed with Michael George, the coach of the stars in the United States.
Step 2: the game

For the full-size test, I choose the game "Your Shape: Fitness evolved". The principle: a fitness game dedicated to fitness. If you are too lazy to go to the dining room sport or put on your sneakers, thanks to Kinect, know that you can make sport, without moving from your living room. Once the profile filled, place to serious things, with fitness exercises, made under the eye of the coach. Thanks to the sensors, nothing escapes the eye of the virtual coach ... Here we do not laugh ...
Step 3: in action ...
Specifically to play comfortably and enjoy the full potential of Kinect, better to see a living room of 100 m2 that a studio ... Otherwise you risk bumping into the furniture!
After being scanned by Kinect (yes like the portico of the airport), instead of things serious, and there things go tough ... Abs, crack and more if affinities, the coach does not spare me ....

Verdict: Kinect is really sport ! The next day, my thighs remember ...

Recommended price of the X Box and Kinect console pack: 289?

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