October 21, 2020

I tested the face care "Ko Bi Do" spa Cinq Mondes

There are things like that that do not refuse: test a facial at Cinq Mondes spa, for example, is one of those things. I had the privilege of doing the guinea pig to test the youth care of the face "Ko Bi Do" at Cinq Mondes spa and the verdict is without appeal: it is canon.

The Parisian place is, on its own, a real invitation to well-being. Yes, when we enter a Cinq Mondes spa, we breathe the scent of orange blossom and rose, we appreciate the minimalist decoration and zen, we get impatient to be pampered with one or the other products with golden reflections that enthrall entry. In the basement, the alcoves are designed in the purest feng shui style and inevitably force the door to leave all the daily worries of life. And when it comes time to care, we forget everything, we enjoy ...

The youth care of the face "Ko Bi Do" proposed by the Cinq Mondes spa is a little gem of relaxation. Considered a plumping anti-wrinkle treatment, it is not reserved for mature skin and is generally intended for those who want a natural facelift. Thanks to several successive products, the skin of the face is drawn, peeled, smoothed and finally soothed, as for the neck and décolleté, they are them much more tonified. Because the highlight of this treatment is not only the quality of Cinq Mondes products, the gesture of the massage is also a determining element of this pure moment of pleasure.

Two obvious conclusions can thus be found in this test, which has been readily accepted. Number 1: we just loved everything. Number 2: it lasts 30 minutes, an hour or an hour and a half, the facial "Ko Bi Do" of the Cinq Mondes spa inevitably ends with a single thought "What? How? It's already over?" Eh yes.

Find all the information on the site: www.cinqmondes.com

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