July 3, 2020

I tested the Jump Fit

The Jump Fit is a new discipline devised by the Club Med Gym and boxing champion Brice Faradji highlighting the skipping rope, essential element of the boxer's training. We alternate jump sequences, fitness choreographies inspired by attitudes on the ring and shadow boxing (boxing movements performed in a vacuum). I, who had loved my first boxing class, thought that it must be a sport for me.

Appointment is taken at Club Med Gym for 45 minutes of intense effort. We begin with a short warm-up by running in a circle around the room, first normally and then up the heels to the buttocks and finally raising the knees well. We then go to the hunted steps, first to the right, then to the left. This is where we have our first abandonment, one of the boys who participates in the course, mostly female, out of the circle. Little smile inside. I know, it's bad, but for once it's not me who drops the first, I'm pretty proud. For now, I'm gambolling as if I was twenty. Well, it will not last but there is progress.

We then take place in the room with our skipping ropes. Serious things begin. We first repeat the steps and jumps without rope before launching. At first, I need some time to adjust. It's far from kindergarten and I'm not so agile with a rope. I finally understand that looking straight ahead of me instead of fixing my feet, it's already better, avoiding me to take the rope in my face or buttocks. We do not have time to be bored and we vary the jumps and therefore the difficulty. We go on with jumping together, then right foot / left foot, legs close together / legs apart, four-footed feet together / one goat jump, then we jump as we go forward or backward. But the more the hour advances, the more my body refuses to jump high enough to let the rope pass so more I have to mobilize my energy to get there. I still managed to chain three series of four jumps / a jump of goat. It does not look like that but my heart has seen them go by.

The course alternates three minutes of jumps and one minute of recovery. One can choose to continue training during this minute by performing choreographies mixing fitness and shadow boxing or do nothing. At first, I opt for active recovery by boxing in the vacuum with my rope but, the last ten minutes of the session, I go into passive recovery to allow time for my heart to slow down a little and to my face red as a tomato to recover a more natural color. This will not happen until a good hour after the last jump.

What muscle: During the course sportwe worked the whole body and also the cardio. But if the Jump Fit muscle legs and arms, as well as the abs and glutes, if one follows the instructions well by contracting them during the exercises, it also helps to lose weight and improve one's stamina.

Where to practice: The Jump Fit is an exclusive Club Med Gym. www.clubmedgym.com

Glamorise 9166 - The Bounce Test (July 2020)