February 29, 2024

I tested the waterbike

The concept
It is a technique of cycling in the water or "aquabiking" in an individual cabin that combines the benefits of water and hydromassage with the sporting benefits of cycling on the line. Unlike the aquabiking that is practiced in the pool during a group lesson with a teacher, waterbike is a kind of face-to-face sports with yourself in a jacuzzi.
Thanks to the water resistance (12 times higher than that of the air), pedaling in the water increases the muscular effort necessary to operate the pedals, thus increasing the number of calories burned and giving visible results on the water. muscle tone very quickly. This resistance not only helps to train all the muscles but pedaling in the water exerts a natural massage on the lower body which induces an active drainage, ideal to reinforce the venous and lymphatic network. This combined with the action of 16 hydro-massage jets oriented towards the sensitive zones effectively fight against the water retention at the origin of the cellulite, all while sparing the joints because the water guarantees the fluidity of the movements. What else?
The promises
The waterbike is presented as THE anti-cellulite weapon and the ideal sport practice to reinforce but especially to dress your legs while refining them thanks to the caloric expenditure. The relaxation effect is brought by the waves that will massage the calves, thighs, buttocks, lower back and belly. This dynamic mixing of the skin and muscles promotes the elimination of toxins, the regeneration of cells and activates the circulatory recovery, which considerably reduces the appearance of orange peel. Finally, waterbike can burn twice as many calories as a regular bike, about 300 to 500 calories per session and a lot of weight loss if you have two sessions a week!
As a bonus, ozone is mixed with water molecules and absorbed by the dermis and converted into oxygen allowing deep detoxification of the body. Due to its active oxygen properties, ozone is effective in slowing down the tissue aging process which helps to restore firmer and smoother skin.
In practice
You have to get motivated to go, the prospect of getting wet is never very pleasant, even less associated with an intense sport session. In reality, it is not at all like going to the pool because you are wet only up to the waist. No need to blow dry out!
Chromotherapy and music therapy are on the program when you enter the cabin: changing colors and soft music accompany us during the session. In jersey, we enter the bath and the water rises slowly while it fills. Rather cool, it already tones when you have to start pedaling. To help us in the effort, a screen broadcasts emissions. At his own pace, we pedal for 30 to 45 minutes, which may seem long for someone who is not determined and motivated. The muscles heat up, that's for sure, and you just have to find your cruising rhythm to feel that you're doing good. At the exit, it feels really good and with a feeling of lightness very pleasant.
The results
If you do not see them right away (although the thigh seems more curved at the exit even if it is temporary, due to the effort provided by the muscle), the results, we feel them! And now ! Legs refined (the draining action is validated), feeling of tone (the muscles worked, it is undeniable) and healthy tiredness like after a classics class. Because one can have the impression to work only the legs, but in reality, if one sheaths a little with a toned posture, it is the whole body that works! Of course, several sessions must already bear fruit since after the first we already feel very tonic!
WE love 
The flexibility of the solo session versus the group classes: here we make an appointment when it suits us! You can have fun at the same time, you can even read (be careful not to wet the pages anyway!) Or call. And above all, we stay dry up which is a considerable time saver: exit shampoo, drying and brushing must after a swim in the pool ...
We also appreciate the most of the technique: the eddies, the colored lights in the water ... even if the effect of ozone is imperceptible ...
To try
Information and places equipped: www.waterbike.fr (in institutes, spas, fitness rooms and some physiotherapists).
Session at the unit:
The 30-minute session: 35?
The 45-minute session: 45?
Packages :
6 sessions of 30min: 190? is 31.67? the session
12 sessions of 30min: 330? is 27.50? the session
20 sessions of 30min: 490? is 24,50? the session
6 sessions of 45min: 225? is 37.50? the session
12 sessions of 45min: 400? is 33.34? the session
20 sessions of 45min: 630? is 31,50? the session
More information ? Call 0800 330 380

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