October 25, 2021

I want a bob cut!

The advice of Fanny, the pro!

It is important for your hairdresser to study the shape of the face before choosing a square. We do not advise the square cut to women who have a small nape or those who have shoulders too wide otherwise it clearly lacks elegance. Do not forget that square short and round face do not necessarily do well together.

The advantage of a square
The square brings volume to any type of hair and especially helps to structure the face. He is ultra feminine and easy to style. The square is worn on the side for a softer effect.

The trend square of the moment
"Personally, I'm a fan of the actress Keira Knightley's square. Thanks to her, the square has found letters of nobility. His square is as smooth as with very slight undulations.
The maintenance of a square cut

To be impeccable, you have to go to your hairdresser every month and a half.

A tip before squaring your head
Women often fear a square cut because they may have a look too classic, too bourgeois. Off, we must not forget that a square, it is modernizing! With, for example, a simple asymmetrical wick, or a slight gradient. Also think about accessorizing it with a head band.

Zoom on the different squares

The corrugated square.
Leila Bekhti is wearing it beautifully. We like its blur, slightly downgraded on the lengths that gives a romantic look.


The opinion of Fanny: Ideal for those who do not have time to do their hair in the morning, who want volume and want to stay natural. A perfect cut that refines the roundest faces. Resolutely in the trend of wavy hair, falsely disheveled. To make it larger, go for a slight gradient. I do not recommend this square hair that curl too much.

The BCBG Square
It is smooth, is worn on the shoulders without gradients, for a little girl effect wise in the image of the girl it Olivia Palermo.

The opinion of Fanny: Very clean and ultra chic, it is perfect for women who want a look without doing too much. This cut adapts to all types of hair and will give more matter to fine hair. And revenge, if you play it classic side hairstyle, go for a trendy look.

The smooth square with bangs
A smooth square with bangs remains timeless. But be careful all the same to the effect Mireille Mathieu!

The opinion of Fanny: A try only if the oval of the face is perfect. Forget this cut if you have square jaw. It is better to have fine features. Ideal for young women with smooth hair. A cut that goes perfectly to blondes.

The retro square.
Recently noticed on Milla Jovovich and Vanessa Paradis, the retro square is back. Slightly curly, it is super glam and voluminous. It gives a pinup look.

Fanny's opinion: Inspired by the seventies, this is a haircut ultra trendy that is not going to everyone. Exit fine hair, however, if you have thick and curly hair, this is the short cut that you need, especially if you are brunette.



I want to try that bob hairstyle! (October 2021)