October 25, 2021

I want a perfect dentition: facets for tailor-made

You have already been quite ecstatic in front of the perfect dentition and sparkling whiteness of a Hollywood actress. Chances are it's faceted! These fine little plates in white enamel, acrylic or ceramic that work miracles. Their secret: they are made of materials very close to the color of the natural tooth.

Why facets?

They have the luxury of correcting misaligned teeth, eliminating exogenous dye stains and covering chipped or cracked teeth. Thanks to the new materials offered, such as E-max or Empress ceramics that are very resistant, a facet can last for about ten years or more. The duration depends on thehygiene Oral.
The facets can also give a little volume to the lips with slightly curved facets. Ideal to make disappear in the wake of the few wrinkles around the lips that were wasting your life.

How's it going ?

The dentist removes about half a millimeter thick to place the facets on the outer surface of the teeth. In all, three sessions are necessary: ​​a first during which the dentist takes the fingerprints of the patient to model temporary facets, the second, lasting three hours, under local anesthesia and during which the teeth are prepared for the pose provisional facets. Finally, during the third visit, two hours, the facets are glued on the teeth one by one. Allow about ten days for a complete pose of eight facets (often placed on the top teeth, the first that we see smiling).

Facets, for everyone?

No. In the case of devitalized teeth, facets are contraindicated and the dentist will be able to offer you other alternatives such as crowns that will weaken the patient's teeth.

After the intervention

During the wearing of temporary facets, it is better not to bite an apple or a sandwich with full teeth. It might take off.
After the final installation, everything is back in order and you can eat again as usual. Nevertheless, dentists advise against tearing something hard with your teeth.

And price side?

It is difficult to determine a definitive price for facet installation since it depends on the work to be performed and the dental surgeons charge different prices. Prices can range from 770 to 1,500? the facet according to the materials used.

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