August 14, 2022

I want it in my suitcase! Miss Paname hair removal set

The beauty gesture of the summer, waxing, becomes playful with this small set of special beauty retouches. Mademoiselle de Paname launches a very girly kit consisting of a pair of manicure scissors, a Bohemian crystal nail file but especially a centerpiece, the tweezers !

The tweezers Mademoiselle de Paname, designed by talented designers, dress in glamor. The Mademoiselle collection includes five sets: Mademoiselle On holidays, The life in pink, Just married, And her baby and Globe-trotter. So go quickly get the Miss who suits you!

Each set contains:

- A tweezers stainless steel - optimal size of 9.5 cm (professional size).
- A nail file in real Bohemian crystal - a face of the image and a very soft face to make the nail shine.
- A pair of manicure scissors - curved blades - large size eyelet for better support and more precision at the time of cutting.

Price: 30?

Points of sale

The Bon Marché
24 rue de Sèvres - 75007 Paris

Right Bank Perfumes
35, av Marceau - 75016 Paris
11, rue H. Barbusse - 92300 Levallois
19, avenue Jean Jaurès - 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Auteuil Health Beauty
54, rue d'Auteuil - 75116 Paris

On sale in more than 600 pharmacies in France and Dom-Tom.

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