September 19, 2020

I want kohl like Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole, a woman scorned, a woman deceived, but a woman released! The new star of English pop was able to take revenge and use its new notoriety. While her albums are prancing at the top of sales, the beautiful young woman shines in the evening with makeup looks of beauty. Cheryl Cole, a real beauty addict, that's for sure!
For a make up beauty addict way Cheryl Cole :
  • - In the first stage, the dyed of course! Cheryl Cole chose a background of dyed Nothing wrong. We thus choose a fon of dyed medium coverage fluid, to unify the dyed.
  • - We play the map of the light button at the rings, on the top of the cheekbones, on the contours of the mouth, at the chin. The goal, to give this light shine that sublimates the face.
  • - For the blush, Cheryl Cole bet on a pink pulling brown, a warm color that goes with his dyed.
  • - Her essential weapon for such intense eyes, the kohl of course, which she wears on the eyes of the inner eyelashes, as well as the outer eyelashes.
  • - To have such long eyelashes, only one solution, the fake eyelashes or eyelash extension. For Cheryl Colewe put on the extension. The long, well-curved eyelashes curl her eyes.
  • - For the lips, Cheryl Cole chose to focus on the intensity of a plum red that suits him perfectly. A touch of gloss to make the lips shine and you're done. You are ready for the evening!

My Cheryl Cole Cover Makeup Tutorial (September 2020)