April 10, 2021

I want my It Bag Nat & Nin

We love the beautiful brand of leather goods Nat & Nin. Designed and created by two sisters who have a taste for a job well done, these bags all soft in a range of impressive colors have everything to make me want to wear them to my arm.

Inspired by a famous fashionist

A It bag who does not cost me a month's salary and that my girlfriends will not have before me? It is possible and for that we must thank the young brand Nat & Nin that comes out this month a new bag named after Carrie, inspired by the hectic life of our guru at all, the genial Carrie Bradshaw, star of the series Sex And The City.


Why do I need it?
Because the Nat & Nin Carrie costs only 189 euros, it is available in turquoise but also in taupe, red, black, lavender and many other colors. Straight out of the imagination of the two sisters Nathalie and Ninny, this future It bag is as casual as it is elegant and has a vintage touch dear to the brand. Sure, I need it and I can even kill two birds by giving it to my best friend for her birthday and in a different color of course!

How do I wear it?
Crossbody, across or by hand. The Carrie is foldable and transforms according to my desires. Baroudeuse chic or totally trendy, it corresponds to all my looks. Who said that Carrie Bradshaw had the monopoly of class-attitude?

Where to find it?

In the Nat & Nin stores or directly on the brand's website, here: //www.nat-nin.fr/


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