August 2, 2021

I want Taylor Swift's sexy lipstick

Hollywood star lips, it's easy. If you swear! Just apply well and ask a lipstick bright red, matte or shiny, becomes a breeze. Taylor Swift the fact that at each of her appearances, the singer is also known for her angelic face and her vermilion red smile, to the effect woman child on her porcelain complexion.

Step 1: Correct the contour of the lips.
Using a concealer or concealer, redraw your lips to give them a nickel definition. With your finger, blend the texture on the outline at the corners.

Step 2: We choose the right lipstick.

For smooth lips, prefer a lipstick creamy and well pigmented. Our favorite: the Red Prodigy of Clarins, 22,50?. This long-wearing red is shiny, soft and easy to apply. Comfortable, it holds all day! It's all about choosing a lipstick not too light but very thick for a long lasting effect and a silky finish. The mouth must be generous and greedy!

Step 3: Apply red!
Crucial step so it is better to treat it: start by drawing the outline with a pencil, the heart of the lips to the commissures. If you want a zero defect result, use a brush instead of applying the red stick directly. the brush, fine, is more precise! The lipstick applies like the pencil: from the heart of the lips by stretching the matter towards the commissures.

And here you are with the plump lips of Taylor Swift !

Taylor Swift - Style (August 2021)