August 16, 2022

I want the bright hair of Leighton Meester

Leighton Messter is the pretty brunette of the series Gossip Girl. A little pestilence in her spare time, she shines especially today at people's parties by displaying more beautiful outfits than the others. If Leighton has established itself as a new icon of fashion, she also knows how to put her pretty face to advantage and her beautiful brown hair comes enhance this look already worked. Attention, brunettes arrive, blondes have to behave well!


A mild shampoo
To have a shiny hair is first to know how to clean it. So choose soft shampoos, not too stripping, which will respect the nature of your hair. By the way, as much as possible, avoid too frequent shampoos that will only aggression your hair every time a little more. Moreover, wash well hairis to start lathering the shampoo in her hands, before lathering it on your head. The washing and moisturizing agents will then be more effective.


A hydrating mask on the lengths
For more shine, moisturize your hair at least once a week with a mask. Put it on the lengths so as not to weigh down the hair too much. Again, put the product in the palm of your hand, warm it a little between your palms before applying it on your lengths.


A soft color or reflections
Your color does not have enough pep, or lack of some coppery highlights? Reflections or color can be the solution. To obtain the best result and a better choice of color, prefer the barber box, at least for the first attempt. You will then have a better idea of ​​what is done for you.


Pretty ripples: foam or curling iron
Leighton Meester loves the ripples on his long brown hair. If you have some natural ripples, work them with a special styling mousse. They have the particularity of not weighing down the hair. If you have them hair stiff, you still have the curly iron to get these pretty curls. However, the result will unfortunately be ephemeral.

A balanced diet
Have beautiful hairshiny and silky is also a sign of a balanced diet. Your way of feeding yourself will always be your first beauty gesture! So, eat balanced!

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