April 1, 2020

I want the glamorous makeup always from Diane Kruger

The beautiful Diane Kruger not only revealing her inner beauty, she also uses and abuses makeup to underline the beauty of her face. International actress, she seduced Europe before seducing the United States, especially in the film Troywhere she was replying to Orlando Bloom.
Right here, Diane Kruger play the card of sophisticated glamor with an original and effective makeup that puts its blue eyes in value.
For a make up glamor way Diane Kruger :
  • - We start with dyed. No need for a background of dyed too much covering for the beautiful actress who already has a beautiful skin. A background of dyed light coverage fluid is enough. It's just about unifying the dyed so that he can work better afterwards.
  • - Then we play the map of the light button at the dark circles, along the nose, around the mouth and at the chin.
  • - Then place the blush. Right here, Diane Kruger put on a pink blush pronounced on the top of the cheekbones.
  • - If you are afraid to shine during the evening and to fix the makeup, you can also powder slightly dyed using a loose or compact powder. Be careful not to overdo it and avoid the flour effect.
  • - We then go to the eye stage with a brown makeup to deposit on the eyelid. It is then blurred to the top of the eyelid.
  • - To emphasize his look, Diane Kruger opted for a bright light blue pencil. We follow the outline of the eye with a pencil line.
  • - Then choose a mascara always lengthening to emphasize the look while subtle.
  • - Only remains the lipstick, light pink, almost sweet. And you are as beautiful as Diane Kruger.

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