April 10, 2021

I want volume in my hair

We wash hair with fresh water

To combat the phenomenon of static electricity that tends to flatten hair, one cleans one's hair with lukewarm water rather than hot water that tends to tarnish the color. The trick? Rinsing is finished with fresh water to revive hair.

Yes to shampoo volumizing

Wash your hair with a shampoo volumizer to gain their fiber and give them back. Complete the shampoo with appropriate care such as volumizing foam. It is then applied to the comb, bit by bit, taking care to avoid spikes. The foam will then allow to take off more easily roots and gain volume during drying.

Blow operation

When drying, tilt the head down and then to the side, taking care to dry the hair with a dryer-diffuser at low temperature. Then finish drying with cold air on the roots. You can also use a big round brush to take off the roots during your blow-dry.

Another good idea to fight a raplapla hair: crepe. Use a boar bristle comb to crimp the material without making the hair fall when smoothing. But beware, this technique is to be used with moderation since it can create forks and damage the hair.

The haircut ideal

A degraded cut. It will give more movement and lightness to your hair.

The styling trick in addition? Style your front hair in the opposite direction of your natural stripe. Secure with a little foam to cover hair and the volume effect will only be worked on.

Last recommendation for women in a hurry

If you have not had time to wash hair and think they are a little dirty and raplapla, do not hesitate to use a shampoo dry spray form. Thanks to a few blows sprays, this treatment cleanses the hair and gives it volume and lightness.

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