August 16, 2022

I want well drawn eyebrows

It cleanses the skin


Primordial step before tackling the eyebrows: removing make-up. Before removing the eyebrows, clean the skin thoroughly. She must be impeccable. Also remember to use a clean clip with 90 ° alcohol before using it.


The perfect time to wax your eyebrows


After the shower because the pores are dilated by heat. The hairs retreat much more easily.


The shape of his eyebrows is determined


Placed well close to a mirror and a source of light strong enough to see clearly, take a pencil that you will hold vertically on your face. Align it so that it touches the tip of your nose and the inside of your eye. This line is used to determine where the beginning of your eyebrow begins. Mark this point and do the same thing with the other? Then, to find where your eyebrow ends, place the pencil so that it touches the outer corner of your nose and passes along the outer corner of the eye.


We respect the shape of the face


Be careful to respect the shape of your face. If you have a round face, choose arched eyebrows to reduce the width of the face. If you have a rather long face, draw horizontal eyebrows to calm the length of the lines. As for the square faces, draw round eyebrows to soften the angles of your face.


How to remove eyebrows?


Before taking the forceps, we respect this basic rule: we always epile below the natural line of the eyebrows and we do not touch above the top line at the risk of damaging all the naturalness and beauty of your eyebrow. Then remove unsightly hair in the direction of growth. The movements must be precise and dry. The hairs then catch closer to the root to prevent them from breaking.
Small trick: always hold the skin between the index finger and middle finger to avoid pain during hair removal.


Brow beauty


Once the hair removal is complete, pass a cream to relieve the skin and remove the redness. Then with a small brush, put a little gel on the eyebrows and brush them up to open the eyes and fix the curve.


How often do you have to brush your eyebrows?


If a few small hairs reappear, do not hesitate to make alterations every week always respecting the maximum natural shape of the eyebrows.

The Perfect Eyebrow | Tutorial (August 2022)