May 13, 2021

I wear makeup according to my morphology: the round face

How to recognize a round face?
A round face has a certain symmetry because it is as long as it is wide. Yes, it's the famous ball that widens further with the slightest smile. Generally eyes, mouth and cheekbones follow this morphology, which is not the only prerogative of girls in forms! Yes, we can make a 36 and keep nice cheeks plump ... the opposite is also true!
As this face is full, that is to say all curves, it is then a question of creating breaks that will structure the shape. The makeup will help draw the jaws and cheekbones working diagonally.
The dark correction:
All the makeup will strive to break the round angles. Thus, along the jaw and above the temples, the shadow zones of a dark / coppery Terracotta are deposited without hesitation. It's as if you redraw the contours of the face.
Then, just apply the same shade far enough on the cheekbones down. Here, it is useless to smile in front of his mirror to bring out the small balls of cheekbones. The material is placed underneath with this diagonal movement from the end of the nose to the side of the outer eye. If the face is really too round to realize the bone of the cheekbone, you can put your mouth in O or suck your cheeks from the inside.
The clear correction:
We focus on bulging places to highlight the strengths of the face. So with a blush pink / pearly, one sweeps the forehead and chin in a vertical motion. A few touches also around the mask (from the top of the eyebrows to the bottom of the rings) will sublimate the complexion to attract light to the eyes. Finally, the blush drawing a long diagonal 8 from the top of the cheekbones down to the bottom of the cheek bone.
The + eyebrows:
The eyebrows must be thick and perfectly drawn. It is best if the bow is upward to open the eyes and clear puffy cheeks.

How to Contour Your Face Shape | NewBeauty Tips and Tutorials (May 2021)