April 17, 2024

I wear makeup according to my morphology: the triangular face is pointing upwards

How to recognize a triangular face tip up?
As seen previously, the triangle face has an asymmetry between the top and the bottom. Here, we are dealing with a thin front, then a progressive enlargement along the face and then finish with large jaws and pronounced. Generally, the eyes are even closer to the hair roots if the forehead is particularly narrow.
The triangle up face lacks temples and the eye is irretrievably drawn to the lower square corners. Moreover, we notice that the nose is more often broad too, following the particular harmony of this morphology. Thus, we can say that "the triangle points to the top" includes the peculiarities at the bottom of the square face and at the top of the long. So let's take the same tips for makeup.
The dark correction:
All areas of shadows will focus on these jaws too put forward. With the dark sun earth we will apply large diagonals rounded along the maxillary and up to the beginning of the neck. We then "break" the bone structure to soften the outline.
The clear correction:
Unlike other morphologies that ask where the dark correction was more essential, there, we will have to work on the clear correction to highlight the hidden parts. Thus, one applies particularly on the top of the temples while insisting in round and around the eyes to widen a maximum the front. The shot of blush should be long enough starting from the outer bone of the cheekbones to go down to the furrows. Result: the light will be caught by this point of brightness, forgetting the square of the jaws. Pretty spectacular and not even need cosmetic surgery!
The + eyebrows:
For lack of space at the top of the forehead, the eyebrows are often close together. It is then advisable to ventilate the space by raising them as much as possible towards the exteriors. The pattern is regular in shape, no need for curved eyebrows that could harden the face.

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