April 17, 2024

Immortal Twilight, the perfume: we offer the kiss of the vampire

Did you know ? Twilight, the frankness that makes young girls swoon and makes their mom happy, owns a branch of cosmetics, Twilight Beauty. Illuminators of complexions, pearly glosses, powders for the body.

For a little we would take to want to shine in the sun like the beautiful Edward played by Robert Pattinson or his charming sister played by Ashley Greene. A few days before the release of Twilight Revelation (November 16), young girls (or less young girls ...) will be able to sprinkle their pillows and sprinkle imaginary bites on the neck or wrists with this new fragrance with scents of musk and white freesia with notes chamomile, peony, amber and patchouli. Twilight Immortal is available on the Twilight Beauty website for 35 dollars (25 euros). We know who will have sweet dreams before the release of the film ...

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