August 14, 2022

In bed, express your wishes to your lover

Your shyness or lack of audacity in bed spoils your nights of love and prevents you from blossoming completely. Yet thanks to books, magazines or other media media, sexuality has no secrets for you. Positions, caresses to push your lover curtains you know them and dream of putting them into practice. Yet it is about to go to the practical work, it's another story!
As a result, every time you make love you keep a bitter taste, you are frustrated. As long as you can not really let go and express yourself, you will feel like you are in the relationship. It is true that at the beginning of a meeting a certain shyness is not without displeasure to men, they feel flattered and it puts them in confidence. But it's still a shame not to enjoy all the wealth of emotions that hide your different organs. A sexual relationship must be a real exchange, a sharing.
Succeed in expressing your desires

- The best is to succeed in talking to your lover your embarrassment and your inhibitions.
- It's up to you to choose the right moment to express your desires the most secret and your craziest cravings.
- How can one not feel vulgar when talking about sexuality? By finding the right words simply and staying yourself.
- Intimacy: When you feel confident in the arms of your lover and once in the heat of the action, go ahead. Gently whisper in his ear the caresses, the positions you would like to explore with him.
- Words have trouble coming? Guide him with your hand or ask him to make you discover his desires. And even if you think that your hands are not expert he will know, without doubt, to put you in confidence.
- Tell yourself that you will never be ridiculous and do not be ashamed to be enterprising. What a man lover does not want to have fun in bed with her girlfriend?
- And do not hold back from moaning or screaming for fear of ridicule. Men are very proud to give pleasure to their partner.

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