June 9, 2023

In form at the beginning of the season: avoid snacking!

It's back to school and with it the climbs of stress, anxiety and hyperactivity. And this infernal trio makes you want to eat all day to soothe your nerves? Stop! Nibbling is a real scourge for the line and for the body whose rhythm ends up being disrupted to leave room for a constant munching.

To stop nibbling, you must first have decided, the watchword: the will. You are thus the only master, it is up to you to have this click and to put you to it thoroughly. For this, observe your bad habits. Indeed, we often tend to nibble without trying to understand, we say that it is not good, we feel guilty and we start the next day. Why and under what conditions it happens is the best way to understand and find the right solutions for your operation. Set your pace of life to that of your body. It is also important to get organized, to prepare your days to avoid any stress or additional anxiety. Diaries, retro-planning and other small spiral notebooks will be your best friends.

And if after all that, you do not hold and you crack, choose at least the right foods, those who cut the hunger and which are interesting from a nutritional point of view. Florence Chiron, dietician-nutritionist consultant at the Spa Mélusine of La Roche Posay, recommends taking, in case of craving, a light milkshake or a seasonal fruit or even better, to swallow a big glass of sparkling water! Finally, last advice of pro: be attentive to your food sensations and your pleasures, because eating using its 5 senses avoids all excesses!

Snacking vs. Fat Loss | The Dangers of Snacking Between Meals | Insulin Spiking- Thomas DeLauer (June 2023)