June 10, 2023

In the Jungle of Bio: True False on organic cosmetics

Before launching "In the Jungle of Bio", Adele Pedrola gave only polite curiosity to organic products. His Survival Manual is a lighting for beginners of the "green", from the plate to the bathroom. His lights concerning our toiletries kit ...

Even a moisturizer or soap made to pamper me can be bad for my skin.

"Cosmetics often hold their promise in terms of silky skin, divine scents, etc., only the list of chemical ingredients they contain is long.Some (parabens, phthalates, aluminum ...) are even clearly charged to be dangerous in the long run and responsible for cancers or fertility problems.
Organic cosmetics, for its part, offers natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals and guarantees a minimum of 95% natural ingredients or natural origins without any health risks. A precautionary principle that seems far from useless! "

"Without parabens", "not tested on animals" ... The cosmetic brands are already almost all passed to a responsible manufacturing.
"All the brands are far from having modified the composition of their cosmetics ... And beware of the powder in the eyes: it is not because a product displays this type of labels that it guarantees a responsible manufacture. These efforts are laudable, but they are mostly the result of marketing meetings to try to reassure consumers and not real commitments to offer less toxic cosmetics for health "

If I start to buy only Cosmeto Bio products, my budget will take a hit.
True and false
"Organic beauty products are generally more expensive than others, but they have the merit of displaying a composition of quality, healthier, which respects the body and the environment.
But there are tips to save your skin without blowing up your budget! For example, organic vegetable oils (be careful to check the presence of the label) are very affordable and perfectly moisturize the driest skin. Organic (or hand-made) solid soaps scented with essential oils take care of the most delicate skins and are quite affordable ... And then homemade recipes for scrubs and moisturizing masks do not miss! "

The natural is nice but the moisturizer who does not feel good, blah blah!
"Do not panic, the use of organic cosmetics will not leave a nauseating aroma floating in your neighborhood!" This nagging rumor dates from years ago, at the time of the very first products available on the market.The certified organic cosmetics are now pleasantly scented with extracts of plants, fruits and flowers thanks to natural essential oils bio.The smell is discreet and delicate, all without synthetic fragrances.

Tip +: How not to make me have and recognize my cosmeto or my organic soap?
"Organic certified cosmetics are recognizable by the logo on the packaging, such as Cosmebio charters (and its two labels: Eco and Bio) or BDIH."

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