February 29, 2024

In the United States, a family welcomes his twentieth child!

Soon, there may be another successful series 20 at home. The family is indeed the subject of a series on the TV channel TLC, entitled "19 kids and counting" (19 children and it's not over). This unexpected pregnancy was announced by Michelle Duggar, the mother-to-be, and her husband, Jim Bob, on NBC's Today Show.

A family many rhyme with a family happy. The mother of family, who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, is very happy to be pregnant. Yet Michelle's last pregnancy, which for more than twenty years gave birth to a child every 16 to 18 months, had not been a pleasure. She had suffered from eclampsia and the delivery had taken place three and a half months before the end. Yet the mother, a word she knows well, is not worried. She feels very good, plays sports five to six days a week and eats well. However, we hope that all the little family puts his hand in the dough especially at times of meals, laundry and shopping. Otherwise, hello marathon days of ... mom! For info, the birth toddler is scheduled for the month of April 2012!

In the United States, it's business is business

The family created his website. People can buy books written by the couple, as well as several DVDs, read Michelle's blog, find Jim Bob's advice to other fathers, and flip through the photo albums of the 19 children (ten boys and nine girls). , aged 23 to 23 months, including two pairs of twins). The couple also has two grandchildren.

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