April 17, 2024

Inequalities man / woman into the products!

The same product can cost up to twice as much for women only for men !
"Stop products more expensive for women! ", a petition written by the feminist group "Georgette Sand" denounces this injustice. An information relayed in Une this Monday, November 3 by the newspaper The Parisian.

Among the glaring observations made by these young activists, the beauty ray is all more pinned than the others. Between a pink package and another blue, everything can change on the note. Whether for shavers, deodorants, shampoos, toothbrushes... But not only. Beyond products of daily consumption, the price of the services at the hairdresser or in the laundry is higher than for the male.

The Secretary of State for Trade and the Secretary of State for Human Rights women, both members of the French government, will launch a study on what is nicknamed the "pink tax".

In the United States, the scientific analysis of this phenomenon called, "women tax"is not new." Us magazine Forbes in 2012 had already relayed the discovery of researchers on this additional cost; a gap of up to 1100? per year ($ 1351). Which explains why, on the other side of the Atlantic, with prices administered according to gender, we speak of a tax that is almost invisible and discreet, but which is not painless.

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