August 14, 2022

Infant: a new fly-baby handy

Nose hygiene is important whether he is sick or not! And above all do not believe that a simple cold be innocuous. A cold poorly cared for and a poorly cleaned nose can very quickly develop into bronchiolitis, bronchitis, otitis or nasopharyngitis.
A moment dreaded by the baby and parents

The moment to effectively clean the baby's nose has come! But this operation is always delicate for the simple reason that it struggles and disapproves. Not knowing how to blow your nose alone before three years, this role falls naturally to the parents. But this act is also feared by some dads or some moms.

To help parents, there is the baby-fly which is an ideal solution but the choice remains difficult. What to buy: a manual fly-baby, an electronic baby-fly or a baby-by-mouth fly?

To answer the doubts of the parents, VISIOMED proposes its last fly-baby ... christened the BabyDoo Cleaner Duo. It combines two baby flies in one and combines two modes of aspiration. It allows the choice of gesture according to the degree of congestion: manual aspiration for small daily phlegm or oral suction for a large nasal congestion.

An ideal and easy-to-use solution

Manual aspiration will allow to clean his nose gently. And how to ? It is necessary to gently introduce the nosepiece into the nostril of the infant, hold her head and apply pressure on the pear to suck up all secretions. Thanks to a system of anti-return secretions, the mucus remains at the bottom of the tank.

As for suction by mouthpieceit is simple to achieve. Just place the tube at the end of the pear, put the mouthpiece in the mouth and the nosepiece in one of the nostrils of baby and then gently suck the secretions.

A question of hygiene!

Three soft and disposable tips are provided with the baby fly to not irritate the mucous membranes of the infant and be able to blow up several children.

The recommended retail price: 8.90 euros

This product is available in pharmacies and specialty stores baby.

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