July 3, 2020

Institute Care: The Best Mary Cohr

Laboratories Mary Cohr select plant extracts from which are derived the best assets integrated into the formulas of the products. Mary Cohr was the first brand in the Institute to create care without GMOs, without parabens, without chemical filters, with dermo-compatible perfumes, so that the skin feeds on the best and most active in the skin? ur plants.

The products are formulated by a laboratory at the forefront of Cosmetology. The laboratories Mary Cohr They, too, have been certified to the highest ISO 22716 quality standard, which establishes requirements for good manufacturing practices, and has recreated a pilot institute to continually evaluate new active ingredients derived from recent advances in science.

The bests Mary Cohr

-New Youth Eye Contour
A care anti wrinkle which contains the two leading actives of the line that target the parameters of deep aging of the skin and have complementary anti-aging actions against wrinkles, loss of firmness and to restore radiance. It works on wrinkles and crow's feet, plant extracts have anti-fatigue effects and nacres fade dark circles and puffiness.

- Double Exfoliant with Papaya Enzyme and Bamboo Beans
Thisscrub care combines two actions: enzymatic and mechanical, that is to say it exfoliates with agents that take off the dead cells by chemical reaction, and with grains that act by the movement. Bamboo and apricot kernels erase roughness and papaya enzyme (papain) can "destructure" keratin, molecule that ensures the structure of cells: the upper layers of the epidermis gently exfoliate.
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