December 1, 2021

Interview: Barbara Bui decrypts for us the fashion trends of summer 2011

What is the impact of a parade for a house like Barbara Bui?
It is an essential communication vector for the home. The parade sets the tone of a collection, it's his signature. On the artistic side too, it's very stimulating. At a paradeyou can push your desire, your artistic work. We also have greater freedom on the parade than for the other collections, which makes it possible to advance.
Afterwards on the media, the parades fashion are made for the press. The impact of a parade is obvious: we are very attentive to the way journalists will talk about the collection. The image of a parade is very promising.
But then it's important to see the pieces closely, to touch the materials ... parade we do mostly a silhouette work. But for the detail it is important to come and see the clothes on the clothes.

Is it a moment of stress or pleasure?
Both ! Of course I am very stressed, but it is also a pleasure, we take advantage of it!

What is the inspiration of this collection, its signature?
I am faithful to my signature androgynous and rock but I wanted a more solar collection, bring sensuality, elegance while keeping the quickdraw rock. The theme of photoreporter imposed itself quite naturally. In shades, I worked the desert tones, both warm and not ostentatious.
I wanted raw materials: big canvas, python ... I wanted something close to the natural.

Do you have time to see the shows of other creators?
I watch them a little on TV or on the net but I do not really have time ... I loved Chanel for the show, it's a great moment of emotion ... I have a lot Also loved the masked ball of Vogue, it was extraordinary ... sign that Paris remains the capital of fashion! The flamboyance of Paris comes back, it's good news for us!
Otherwise I really liked the very feminine work of Alber Elbaz for Lanvin; I really like Lanvin's wife
Finally, I am very attentive to the "boy" pieces of Balenciaga.

What do you think of the craze for Balmain, Isabel Marant?
This is pretty good for us, this rock mode is a rock and urban atittude that suits us well.

How do you work with the stars?
Unlike big houses, there is no real systematism, they are meetings ... Their impact is obviously important after things are done naturally ... The stars who wear Barbara Bui for an official event already bear the mark in their life. These are real encounters, heart strokes. We do not work in the American way. We are far from the system of a Dior or a Chanel ...
In recent years, we have been aware of the impact of people. Women like to identify with this or that actress ... After, if there is no correspondence between the brand and the star, it can be ridiculous.

Do you remember a star case wearing one of your clothes?
It is true that some collaborations brought light on the house, I think of Carla Bruni for Madame Figaro, it is sure that people have spoken about it. There was also Madonna for the Elle US, requests poured into the NY shop, it was crazy! We did not anticipate the phenomenon but it is very nice!


What is the profile of Barbara Bui?
They are women of character but who also have a lot of femininity. A very woman side and very voluntary too. The woman does not feel disguised with my clothes.

Who would you dream to dress?
Françoise Hardy for example, for her personality ... I am attracted by the big actresses more than by a plastic ...


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