October 25, 2021

Interview. Corinne Coman, Miss France 2003 gives us her beauty tips

Do you have a beauty ritual in the morning?
When I wake up, I drink a glass of water with squeezed lemon. It gives me a little boost to start my day and it's good for the complexion.
What part of your body do you prefer?  

I love my size because it is fine and marked.
What part of your face do you like most to showcase?

I like to highlight my eyes. They are clamped suddenly I try to enlarge a little with makeup. Otherwise, I never go out without lipstick whose color depends on my mood or my outfits.
Do you have a complex? 

Having done a lot of swimming in competition, my arms are a little muscular. We do it because I can not change them.

How long do you spend in the bathroom in the morning?

30 minutes on weekdays. If I have to get ready for a party, it's about an hour. At weekends I like to take my time and take care of myself by doing a facial or a body scrub so that would be about 45 minutes.
Your advice to keep the line? 

To keep the line I think we have to eat balanced in reasonable proportions, just to eat and play sports. I concede that it is not always easy to do between stress and greedy desires.

Which woman embody, according to you, the best elegance?  

This is not such a simple question because for me there is not one. For the elegance to the French I would quote the actress Marion Cotillard. Otherwise, the must mix of elegance, femininity and "sexy attitude" would be played between Beyonce, Eva Mendes and Halle Berry.
What is your favorite perfume?

My 2 favorite perfumes are Fragile by Jean-Paul Gautier (which we can not find on sale anymore unfortunately) and Yves Saint-Laurent's In Love Again. They are soft and light, perfect to wear in spring and summer.
Would you like to be the face of a brand? 

For more than five years, I have been the ambassador of the Kariline brand, ethnic and Mediterranean hair products. It was a very beautiful experience that I would be ready to renew in cosmetics for example.
Do you have a beauty budget per month?

Between the hairdresser, the beautician, the manicure, I spend about 150? per month.
An essential product for your vanity? 

A moisturizer for the body. I regularly use that of Mixa intensive dry skin that deeply moisturizes. For black and mixed skin, we can not ignore the hydration or our skin has a cracked appearance.
What is your biggest hair craze?

Not really. I pay a lot of attention to the care. I deflower every 3 months so they are already weakened. Otherwise, I occasionally give a light color to make them brighter.
Has the election of Miss France changed anything in your way of preparing, preparing? 

miss France is a good school to learn to take care of yourself and show off. We become really a woman during this year and we have the privilege to discover many brands and beauty institutes during this year. Yes that changed a lot of things, one becomes more feminine and fashion addict.
Finally, are you beauty addict? 

Yes definitely.

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