October 5, 2022

Interview Elisa Tovati: the young mother gives us her beauty tips

GirlsFromMainStreet.com: What are the "mother-to-be" beauty products you recommend to our readers?
Elisa Tovati : I use the ABCDerm range of Bioderma, including the restructuring cream anti-stretch mark for mom, I put on the legs, belly, breasts every morning and baby products of course, they have a very wide range and the products are tops, I most often use wipes and cleaning water H20.
Do you have any tips for keeping skin flawless and avoiding stretch marks?
From the first day of my pregnancy, I apply this cream after the shower that I sometimes mix with a tonic oil: on the back, buttocks, breasts, all sensitive parts of the body, to maintain the elasticity of the skin until the last day when I finally found my weight.
Do you lighten your cosmetic routine when you are pregnant?
I keep my habits; I wear makeup every morning, I go to the hairdresser, I make my manicure ... On the contrary, I stay at the tip to overcome inconvenience, roundness. I'm even more careful to hide the tough nights. When we put on weight we try to compensate with something else. So, I remain a woman who takes care of her; I want to stay on top even with extra pounds and a congested face ...!
Do organic cosmetics seduce you in general? And during pregnancy in particular?
I do not care a bit actually! I use them but do not look for them especially ... If I like a product and it is organic, all the better, I do not deprive myself. For example, I'm going to favor a moisturizing organic oil for baby.
Are you careful not to expose yourself to the sun?
Yes, because I have girlfriends who have had pregnancy masks and it's very difficult to get rid of them! And as I have a brown skin that quickly tans and stains in the sun, I expose myself little or not at all and put on a protective cream.
What is your favorite solar product?
I'm very careful about the texture, I do not like creams that are too fat, that make white marks, with the shine effect on the face. I prefer fluids that penetrate well and over which I can wear makeup. In this area, I use Esthederm's Adaptasun soft sun cream
Some women are sublime when they are pregnant, others less ... What is your relationship to your body during this period?
I have always loved being pregnant, I do not mind being rounder. I even did TV shows and interviews radio until the day before delivery! I have a lot of energy, I like being able to work until the last moment. It is certain that being pregnant is not an asset, we prefer less puffy. But I live it very well!
Did waiting for a baby change your perception of the perfume? Which one did you wear during pregnancy?
I even wear pregnant. I have always perfumed myself with Roger Gallet's Ginger Water. I like fresh and light fragrances When you have two children, it can not be knocked out with too strong scents.
Now that you have given birth, do you submit to a particular diet or do you allow nature?

I'm going to see a nutritionist. We turn quickly in circles when we are at home with a newborn and we are easily tempted ... Being accompanied by a professional is much more motivating.
Do you have an SOS product to hide / darken dark circles to advise us, for those who spend their nights breastfeeding baby?
I tried everything, mask, concealer, patches ... I had plenty of SOS products, but nothing works today, it's very complicated so if someone has a miracle product, I'm taker!
And an institute that offers special care for future mothers ... or young mothers overwhelmed?
I tested at the Clarins Institute of Neuilly their future care mom who are really good.

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