April 1, 2020

Interview with Stanislassia Klein, Artistic Director of Stella Cadente

Stanislassia Klein likes to create models that look like her: romantic and punk, pastels and sexy.

Why did you create lingerie models for Rosy?
It was the gift of Stella Cadente (shooting star): create him sets to modernize his image. women under 30 did not know Rosy. And I like working with craftsmen who have such know-how, they are real corsetiers. The models sold well so the collaboration continues!

What is the spirit of your 2009 models?
We are looking for vintage spirit, couture. The powdery shades are reminiscent of the 40s, the shapes of the seams too, without looking like our mothers or grandmothers. There is no foul, vulgar spirit. This lingerie represents the ambivalence of women. And it must be comfortable and of adequate color, it is still what is closest to the body of women, like perfume. They must feel sublimated, which gives them confidence, but comfortable too.

Stella Cadente: si vous etiez... ? (April 2020)