October 4, 2023

Introduce the ritual of bedtime in children

Starting at what age ?

Elodie, assistant nursery nurse in Hyères (Var): "You can start to set up a bedtime routine when your child is 1 year old and turn it into a habit when he is between 2 and 4 years old. This routine should reduce all the excitations and stimulations in your child so that it relaxes and falls asleep more easily. By establishing a repetition of gestures and activities related to sleep, your child will be automatically predisposed to sleep. "

What to avoid

- Battles of pillowcases, tickling, outings and, in general, all stimulating activities, should be avoided before dodo. All these activities can in
effect make your nervous that may prevent him from sleeping.


- The television must remain extinct because it reactivates the neurons of the brain. Programs for children are established in such a way as to "awaken" thechild which is quite the opposite of the desired goal ... The spirit of thechild thus stimulated the rebooste and gives him the impression that it is not time to sleep.


Good reflexes to prepare for falling asleep

-Make a return to calm by lengthening your child and telling him a story or reading to him the adventures of his favorite hero. You can also sing him a lullaby, it's soporific since the dawn of time!


-Instance key gestures.
Put a soft light, turn on the night light or tuck your child tells him it's time to sleep. The little kiss and the "good night" that ensue usually sound the death knell for the night.




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