January 24, 2021

Invent the best Golden Brioche sandwich recipe!

The jury will be made up of top chefs and internet users who will have the difficult task of deciding the best recipe for sandwich. The latter will have the honor of being marketed in Golden Brioche restaurants in October 2012. Your entry must include: the ingredients, the quantities, the recipe roll, a photo and a name for the sandwich. We put on his little chef's outfit and we show imagination, the possibilities are infinite!

The recipe that won the contest in 2011 consists of:
- Bread with corn,
- Fresh goat
- Grilled smoked bacon
- Ripe cherry tomatoes
- Roquette
- Fried onions

To motivate you specify that the author of the best recipe will win a kitchen equipped with the brand IXINA or a check worth 5000? Bread "La Fournée" of Moulinex and will see her sandwich marketed in all Brioche Dorée in October 2012. The second will receive a gastronomic weekend for two people and the machine bread, the third a "Soup & Co" heating blender and a machine bread.
To participate, simply post your recipe online at: //www.concours-sandwich.com/
Good luck !

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