September 19, 2020

Invite your Jules to a tender or naughty lunch

You are fed up that your Jules never sees you properly dressed and made up! In two words seductive and attractive. The morning is the race, it usually leaves before you, and the evening your first reflex when returning is to put on a cooler outfit.

Today, it's decided, you invite him to lunch. Nothing like an unexpected tete-a-tete to rekindle the flame. No need to take him to a great restaurant, the local bunny will go very well. Or if the weather is nice give him an appointment in a square to share a sandwich. What counts above all is this little parenthesis to two, he finally sees you seductive and you take the time to look at you, to discuss. Do not discuss angry subjects and avoid talking about work.
Take advantage of it to plan your holiday or weekend plans, compliment yourself, whisper sweet words (yes, these are things that are easily forgotten!). Do not be ashamed to play teens on a bench.

For those lucky enough to have more time? Why not consider a lunch-hug lunch. What a pleasure to return to the office with pink cheeks and a light spirit, still in your darling's arms.

If you work too far from each other, nothing prevents you from giving you a phone appointment as at the beginning of your relationship? When you spent hours telling you banalities. It is easier to go to the confidence.
Even if these appointments are short-lived, they will be beneficial for your couple. These moments stolen everyday are perfect to maintain complicity and break the routine.

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